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Team training is normally only few hours a week, once or twice a week, and team training is generally focused around the teams and not the individual player. This generally leaves gaps in the soccer players' development. Private training with a professional trainer will be beneficial to the player and can help address the following areas.

To build confidence in the individual player – playing the sport of soccer is not only physical but extremely mental. Players being able to feel confident plays a big part in whether the player is successful or not. Private training can improve players' confidence by providing a positive environment where the coach is specifically focused on the player. It also provides a private setting where the coach can break down mental barriers and guide the player to new confidence levels.

Players wanting to advance their skills to play at an elite level – This is the most common reason for players wanting to work with a private coach one on one. When a player reaches higher levels and their skills increase, the areas they need to work on and refine become smaller. Working with a private coach in the specific areas they want to improve can really make a difference with one on one coaching.

Players wanting to learn new techniques or to improve their technique – Technical soccer is one of the biggest areas of the game that is either overlooked or taught wrong in many team settings, but is a vital component of a soccer player’s makeup. Private training for individual players or small groups is a great way for mastering skills that can be difficult to master in a game situation. Learning ball mastery, first touch, turning techniques, and ball striking along 1v1 domination are examples of where one on one training will really benefit the player/players.

To focus on the player's individual needs – Players improving their individual skills is a vital component in the team’s success. While players train with their teams, their individual needs can be overlooked or just not worked on as much as needed. Working with a coach one on one can help significantly. Training one on one can be specifically tailored to focus on areas which the player needs work in. Most often this is around technique, flexibility, speed, agility, and power, with and without the ball.

Private training can also be beneficial to new players to the game -  

Players who missed the earlier development years and are wanting to pursue a new sport but have very little knowledge of the game. Players being thrown straight into a team environment or soccer match can be extremely difficult, scary, or discouraging. Working with a private coach one on one can help fill in the blanks of the missed years and can help build a foundation for the player to feel confident and successful.


We provide training opportunities for players ages 9 and up and all levels of talent. We provided a positive and supportive learning environment to help guide and maximize the player's individual development.  

Private training will be available year round. This will offer players opportunity to gain an advantage before the start of the season, in between their seasons, and throughout their summers to maintain or to improve their level of play before next season. This is also a good supplemental session that works alongside your regular team training.

*Winter trainings will be indoor based. This could be set in an indoor turf setting or a futsal/basketball court setting.

Sessions are catered towards your needs and requirements and can include the following topics:

  • 1st Touch

  • Passing

  • Dribbling

  • 1 v 1 moves

  • Shooting and Finishing

  • Heading

  • Aerial Control

  • Goalkeeping

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Strength, Speed, & Agility


Training sessions run for 60 minutes. All session locations will be in the Boise area. While setting your appointment by email, we will discuss the training locations, the coach assigned to you, and get a basic background of what your child is looking for or needing.

Please download the player waiver and bring it to your first training session.



Champion athletes aren’t just born - they’re selected, trained, molded and tested. Marcus Barajas has been a competitive force in the Treasure Valley area. He hones raw talent to maturity with quality coaching, primal workouts and a true love of the sport.
Marcus playing resume is impressive - Futsal State Champion, 1st Team leading in assist in high school, State cup runner up, Played D2 College and European Experience (USA Played the Jr English Clubs in England), He also made the U.S National team in arena soccer.

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